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Start Guide: Automated audioconferencing server



The CERN automated audioconference system is based on real-time communications systems that combines instant messaging with the ability to make phone calls and conference calls with document sharing.  The automated audioconferencing application runs in a standard Web browser and does not require you to install any special software on your computer.

The present version of the automated audioconferencing server allows you to:

·  Manage your personal list of contacts

·  Exchange instant messages (IM) with your contacts

·  Make conference calls

·  Manage your conference yourself (organize conferences, call, mute, and disconnect participants)

·  View logs of past messages and phone calls of your conferences

Documents sharing and live presentations is not available in the current version.

This Quick Start Guide is intended to get you started with some of the most basic tasks, including managing contacts, scheduling conferences, making conference calls, sending instant messages to participants, and retrieving logs.



To sign in to the server :

·  Open a browser window

·  In the Address field of your browser, enter the following URL: A small sign-in screen will pop up.

·  As the user ID, enter your email address in the following format  and the password that you have received by email and click Sign In.

·  Important: If you have installed a popup ad blocker in your browser, you must set it to allow popups for this site.

·  At your first login, you will get a security warning about the security certificate used to encrypt the communication. You may install this certificate by clicking "View Certificate" and clicking "Install Certificate" so that this warning is not displayed at subsequent connections.


Main window

The main window can be divided in three areas:

·  The "menu area" ("File View Actions Tools Help") gives you access to all available tools at anytime

·  The "tab area" provides access to four specific tools and related content: 

·  The "bottom area" ("I want to...") provides access to several tools specific to the active tab. Those tools are the same that can be found in menu area but are repeated here for your convenience.


Your current number

The phone number that appears below your user ID is the number where you make and receive calls.

·  When you use the audioconferencing server to make calls, this phone number will ring first. When you answer your phone, your outgoing call will be placed.

·  When someone else calls you using the audioconferencing server, this number will ring. If you keep this number up-to-date (see next paragraph), it will help other people to find you.


The first time you sign in to the audioconferencing server, your phone number will probably be set to the number that appears in your corporate directory. You can change your number to your mobile phone, a conference room, or any place where you want to make and receive calls.

To change your phone number:

·  On the main window, click on your phone number at the top of the screen.

·  Select the number that you want, or select Add a New Number from the menu that appears. You may enter an internal CERN number (7xxxx), CERN GSM number (16xxxx), or any other number in international format (+4122767xxxx, +33450xxxxxx, etc.).

Note: Additional phone numbers are stored in a cookie in your browser. If you use the audioconferencing application from a different computer, you may have to re-enter your phone numbers.

To change your password:

·  On the main window, click "file" in the top menu and select "Change password". You get the folowing window which also indicates the password policy on the server. Here at least 8 characters with a combination of upper and lower case letters.




To add a contact:

·  At the bottom of the screen under I Want to… click Add a Contact. ·  In the dialog box that appears, enter the User ID (email address) of the person you’d like to add. To search for a person in CERN corporate directory, click Search. ·  You may add a nickname and insert your contact in a preferred group, then click OK

·  The new contact will appear at the bottom of the group called My Contacts.

To set up a group: ·  In the main Contacts window, from the Actions menu, select Create New Group. ·  In the dialog box that appears, enter a name for the group and click OK.

·  The group will appear at the bottom of your contact list.



To send an instant message:

·  In either the main Contacts window or in a Conversation window, double-click the icon next to the name of the person you want.

·  In the Conversation window that opens, type your message in the bottom of the window.

·  Press Enter, or click Send.

To send an instant message to several people at once: ·  From your contact list, select multiple contacts by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on each contact's name.  ·  Right-click on the highlighted contacts, and then select Send Message. ·  In the Conversation window that opens, type your message in the bottom of the window.

·  Press Enter, or click Send.

To send an instant message to a group: ·  In the main Contacts window, right-click on the name of the group you want. On a Macintosh, hold down the Control key while you click on a group name. ·  Select New Conversation. ·  In the Conversation window that opens, type your message in the bottom of the window.

·  Press Enter, or click Send.



There are two ways of organizing your conference. These options are available in the bottom part of the main windows:

·  Scheduled conference: this conference is only valid for the date and time specified in the scheduling windows. It can be recursive.

·  Immediate conference: conference is started immediately

Scheduled conferences:
After selecting the "Audioconferences Tab" on the main window, click on “Schedule a conference” at the bottom part,  or in the Action menu select the option “Schedule a conference”.
The following window pops up:


Enter a conference name, select date and time and the duration of the conference. Click submit. A new windows appears displaying the conference details and giving you the possibility of inviting participants with emails.


Please note: The leader and participant access codes are used by the audioconferencing server to identify the conference in which calling people should be put in. The leader access code allows much power over the conference roll-out. It is much preferable that you keep this code to yourself. Participant's access code only gives the possibility to enter the right conference. In the section  "Conference Features", you have the possibility of specifying advance parameters for your conference:



·  Option “Allow others to join toll-free through a web page”  will allow conference participants to be called back by the server. If this option is not selected, participants can access to the conference windows but must call themselves to join the audio conference.

·  Option “Lecture mode” allows you to organize a conference where participants will only be listening to you.


·   Option “Record and announce participants’ names”, will invite participants calling the audioconferencing server to record their name. Any participants will then be able to hear separately the names of each participant already in conference.



Inviting people to your scheduled conference ·  Right click on the conference you have scheduled, and select option “Invite Someone to this Conference”. The following window pops-up.

·  You may choose to send an email invitation which will uses your default email software to draft a message including all details to join the conference.

·  If your conference participants are using Microsoft Outlook, you may also send a calendar appointment.

·  You may also Invite someone through contact list.

·  Should you choose another way to invite participants, the last part of the windows gives you all required details to communicate in order to join the conference.



Starting your conference

Right click on the conference you have scheduled, and select option “Dial in to Conference”. The audioconferencing server calls you at your current number and the following window pops-up. Please note that the conference won’t start until a leader joins it. Participants trying to connect conference before you will hear a warning message and be put on hold. You may start a scheduled conference, 30 minutes prior to the schedule time.

As participants are calling or called, new lines appear in the Online-participants box. You may mute, disconnect, or call again participants by selecting one of them in the box and using the tools above. You may also send instant messages to participants who joined the conference using the URL. You may also record the conference (a warning message will be broadcasted to participants) or lock the conference to avoid that someone else enters your conference.

Please note: conference participants may mute their line by dialing the code ##1. It is the same code to un-mute the line. It is not recommended to use the built-in mute feature of phones, since some phones may produce “BIP” sounds periodically even if muted.  


Participants joining the conference Participants may join the conference by different means:

·  Call the audioconferencing server number +41227676000. A voice guide will then ask them to enter a conference access code (leader or participant) ·  Use the URL in email invitation to get a view of the conference windows (they can choose to call or to be called)

·  Of course, you can call them.



To end your conference you must use the “disconnect all” tool in the conference windows. Please note, if you close the conference windows, it does not end the conference calls.The conference may also end when you hang up If you have selected the option “Conference ends when leader hangs up” when scheduling your conference.

If the conference lasts more time than scheduled, you won’t be disconnect, but it won’t be possible for other participants to join the conference.


Any costs related to your conferences will be charged on your default budget code specified in the EDH form that you have filled in to get your account. Potential costs are:

·  Calls your are making in through the conference windows

·  Calls back of participants via the toll-free link include in email invitations

Calls are charged in the same way you are charged from your desk phone. 

Please note: it is not possible to charge communications costs of participants that used the callback feature to different budget code than the one mentioned in the EDH form (default budget code of your fixed phone). While scheduling an audioconference, you may disable the call back feature to be sure that no remote participants used it.


You may access the history of your conferences by clicking the “Conversation history tab” from the main windows. Depending on the way your conference went, specific icons may appear. Double click on the date of the conference to get access to the history.Past conferences are kept in history for 93 days. After this delay, these conferences are deleted.



If you wish to playback the recordings, click on the “Recordings” tab. You may either playback the recording on your current phone by double clicking the “phone” icon, or on your computer by double clicking the “disk” icon.



By default, you have a disk quota of 60 MB (a bit of more than 2 hours of recording). If you over pass this limit, you won't be able to record new conferences. You may then download records on your PC and deleted them on the audioconferencing server. To delete a recording on the server, go to the recordings tab, right click on the recording you want  to delete and select "delete" option in the menu. To check what is your current quota, please send an email to

If you think you need to increase your quota, please send an email to   



Should you need any help in organizing your conference, please call the switchboard at 76111 or send an email to 

To check if your browser is compatible with the current MyTeamWork version click here.


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